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We believe Charlotte vets should combine experience, modern tools and techniques, and deep-rooted passion for animals to provide your pets with the finest veterinary care available. We utilize the best tools and knowledge - laser surgery techniques, non-invasive K-Laser therapy, cutting-edge vet dental practices, and more. We are a team of Charlotte, NC vets and staff who love our furry family members, and we promise to treat your dogs and cats as if they were our own.

Science and heart together make us the best vet in Charlotte for your pet.

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Meet Wilson. This is Wilson and a rescue group called Catering for Cats and Dogs brought him to see Dr. Gleason after noticing that he had many fractured teeth.  Despite the intense oral pain he had experienced for years, he is the sweetest boy – wonderful with people and other dogs.  Dr. Gleason performed several root canals and extractions and now Wilson feels like a new man! After seeing the dedication this group has to their rescue pets, Dr. Gleason nominated them for a $1000 grant through the NC Veterinary Medical Association.  She is pictured here awarding the grant prize to them.  Congrats!! Catering to Cats and Dogs Rescue, Charlotte NC >> Read more
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In the wake of the recent outbreak of canine influenza in the Southeast, we are now recommending vaccination against the current strain of canine influenza, H3N2.  Those at highest risk of exposure are dogs who frequent dog parks, doggy day care, boarding/grooming and other dog social facilities. Facts about Canine Influenza: 80% of all dogs that are exposed to the virus will contract it. The virus is airborne and spread through contact with contaminated items (bowls, leashes, crates, clothing, dog runs, etc.) People can carry the virus and transfer it from infected to uninfected dogs. Cats can contract the virus from dogs, however, there is NO vaccine for cats. Symptoms: Dry, hacking cough Discharge from the nose or eyes Fever Lethargy and decreased appetite Untreated, the illness may progress to pneumonia and other, more serious problems Prevention: The best protection is vaccination.  The vaccine requires a booster shot 2 weeks after the initial vaccine. Isolate sick animals and keep them isolated for up to 30 days after symptoms subside. Practice good sanitation. For more information about the canine influenza outbreak in North Carolina, click here If you believe your dog may have canine influenza, please contact us immediately.  Thank […] Read more


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  • Dr Chambers and his team are true professionals from the facility itself to the care and love they displayed for my dog. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with smiles...

  • My cat, Sofia, has a medical condition that requires her to have all of her teeth removed surgically. I found the Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic after my vet recommended that I check it out. The clinic is great...

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