Pet Memorials

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Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

Pet Grief Support Group – A local pet support group. They meet the second Thursday of every month and can be an excellent support and resource if you have lost a pet.

Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss
Pet Loss Grief Support Website
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Mommy Woods

Poem For Cats
And God asked the feline spirit Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, I am most able
To decide anything for myself

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly.
For my human friends are troubled.
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don’t they understand? asked God
That you’ll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined for all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is…forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand, Replied the glorious cat.
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them I just am…forever and ever and ever.

Author Unknown

Prissy Markham

Our beloved girl Prissy Markham was 14 years old. She was rescued when she was 7 years old. She brought so much happiness and love in those short 7 years words just can’t describe, we were blessed to have her in our lives. We miss you and love you so much sweet baby girl.


Prissy Markham

Prissy Markham

Cocoa Greene

Our funny little girl was put to sleep

After 16 years of memories to keep.

She was a fighter, always letting us know;

Her barking songs stole the show.

She used her voice to get her way,

especially when she wanted to play.

She loved walks and chasing a squirrel.

She was our little Cocoa pearl.

She was a smart little one, figuring things out

Doing her backwards moon walk to help her daddy out.

As years went by, her heart grew tired,

Her eyes cloudy and vision mired.

She let us know she had to go,

She crossed over the rainbow.

She joins Shelby and Dolly in heaven.

We thank them all for the memories they have given.

Clancey Shroy

I was told that if you should have a dog, then the dog should choose you.

When I first saw Clancey I kept my distance knowing what a lifetime commitment it would be to take her home. She skirted around me, gave me a couple of sniffs, and then laid across my feet…the breath was knocked out of me.

Clanc became my companion wherever I went…stores, parks, mountains, grandchildren’s school, friend’s houses, road trips, everyone knew and loved Clancey. She had her spot on one end of the couch and I was on the other. Over the years the seven grandchildren took turns snuggling into her fur, and she acted accordingly curling in tighter and giving them a lick.

Clancey left our family too quickly at nine years old and I miss her every day. The house is quiet, the car is quiet, the grandkids are saddened and my heart is broken. I could not have kept her without the love of my family helping me all these years, especially Chad and Megan, who were more patient and loving than I could have ever tried to be, and our family friend Jim, who believed that Clanc was his daughter with fur on, or without my beautiful niece Dr. Marguerite Gleason, who loved and helped Clancey through her final days.

Thank you all for loving her so much. I believe in my heart that Clancey will be the first one I see when I close my eyes for the last time….at least I hope so.


Dolly Greene

Dolly Greene

April 29, 2001 – December 30, 2013
Rescued: May 2011

I Lost a Friend

I lost a special friend today
the kind you can’t replace,
and looking at her empty bed
I still can see her beautiful face.
I know she’s in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.
I know she’s watching over me
She’ll be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on her beloved head
I told my friend goodbye.

-Author Unknown

Toby O’Malley Nelson

In Loving Memory of Toby O’Malley Nelson
May 8, 2004 – December 5, 2013

Toby, you came into my life and made it whole. It was love at first sight. You were my best friend and the coolest cat that ever lived. You taught me the meaning of unconditional love and you gave so much of it. God blessed us with nine years together and I will treasure every moment, missing you dearly.

You were such a soldier the last three years of your life. You fought so hard to keep us together. I’m so sorry we lost the battle. I know you are free of sickness now and finally back to playing like you love to do. My heart will never stop aching, but I will meet you on Rainbow Bridge one day and we will be together again. I love you, Punkin, to the moon and back.

Rest in Peace, my sweet baby. You will always be in my heart.

Thank you, Lord, for Toby…my greatest blessing. Thank you for the love and companionship and all the wonderful times that are now precious memories. Thank you for the amazing doctors who did so much for us. Thank you for the strength to do what was best for Toby and the comfort you bring to make it through each day he is not here. Please take him into your Kingdom and keep him happy and safe in Your arms until I can be there too. Amen.

Magoo Milliken

5/2013 – 9/2013

Magoo was adopted as a blind baby boy. He was the best little kitty one could ask for.
Unfortunately, due to health issues we only had him 3 months of his very short 5 month life.
He is now across the Rainbow Bridge playing with his brothers and sisters.



Lucy Bartlett

2/24/99 – 3/4/2013

Lucy was my Mother’s Day present from my husband and children in May 1999. This was the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Lucy was a loving little girl who taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Everyone that met Lucy loved her friendly, loving personality. Lucy loved to look at the star atop the Lego Christmas Tree. May peace be with her in GOD’S arms.


Our beloved Snickers who was a part of our family for 15 years. We will miss you always. We miss your never ceasing tail wagging and your always happy nature. I will miss your nose in the field and your pride when you returned with the bird in your mouth. Now as you hunt that last big field I can still see you bouncing through the grass.. Get the bird Snick, get the bird!

Baxter Webb-Dooley

Baxter was the best, most loyal and lovable friend anyone could ask for in a puppy dog!
Always up for a walk- more like a trot- his head held high and proud, curious as to who we might meet that day.
The best snuggler around, and loved doing so with his brothers, who happened to be cats…
The pup to break up any quarrel at the park…and never wanted to intimidate his shorter, fluffier friends.
His even nature was remarkable…and his spirit can never be matched.
We lost him so suddenly…there will always be a hole in our hearts for our “Wiener Bear”.

Maxwell Dooley


Max was the welcoming committee chair in our house…greeting everyone as they arrived. Never met a stranger and he wasnt afraid of anything. He kept his brother Cozzie warm and was a great snuggler for humans too. He had a purr to rival an old Model T car…we miss his presence in our world.

The Trees are Grieving…

They’re wallering and hollering
at the news of little Maxwell
Crying and kicking
that it has come to this.

Then shocked…and still
eyes wide and blank,
with barely the wind
to blow their bark.

“It will be alright”, Mother Nature coos,
“This is life, good days then bad news. He’ll
fly away, free as birds do, with wings so wide
they’ll take him far…far away from her where life’s been so hard.”

We mortals know that life is short,
but the great big happy one he had,
can be called his work of art.


Dakota, you were with us for 10 years, 10 amazing years! You were a part of our family. We miss you so much Dakota. Your death was too soon and too unexpected, we were not able to say the proper good-bye. You waited for us girl, and then you left us, we are grateful for that. We love you , and will never forget you.

Sampson DeCarlo

Sampson DeCarlo
8/23/1999 – 6/14/2011

Sir Sampson of Wiltshire Manor loved to go on walks, swim, camp and just be with us. He would sit patiently with his big old head propped on a window sill waiting for us to get home or just watch the world go by. When he was 7, he helped us welcomed our son home with paitence and love even though his joints were failing him. He never complained about being chased around the house, but would let out a small warning when it was time for me to intervene.

He fought allergies and chronic ear infections and let me give him his medicine without protest. We always knew there would be a day we would have to part, but we never thought it would be this difficult.

Our hearts and home is empty without him but we are comforted knowing he lived his life till the end and can now run pain free.

Till we meet again old friend, be a good boy!




“Pine was an abused stray who found us when she was less than a year old, starving and more than half covered with mange. Thanks to the support of a wonderful vet and our dedicated care to her health needs, Pine grew into a beautiful, healthy, happy and very energetic family member. She loved retrieving golf balls (a real boon to our budding family golfer), and she learned to kick tennis balls and her favorite small “squeaky” balls with her front feet. “Kitchen hockey” was one of her favorite sports.

We loved her well and she loved us right back. We were so lucky to have her as part of our family for so many happy years. Rest in peace, Pine. ”



“We adopted Tadeo from neighbors of ours in CT in February 2004. Having him as a neighbor for nearly a year prior, we knew Tadeo was a wonderful dog and got along fantastically with our other dog, Hudson. We offered to adopt him and bring him down to the Carolinas to get him away from an abusive household, and we were never the same. While we were able to give Tadeo a loving home and doggie companion, he gave us so much in return. “Turkey Bones” was such a lover and was always happy just to have a lap to snuggle up on. After months of treating what we believed to be a spider bite, we found Tadeo had cancer in his leg. We lost Tadeo on 9/24/2010 and have been forever changed again. While we mourn his passing and continue healing, we know he is whole and happy and healed in another place and time.”

L. Turner

Cherry “Bubu” Pozzo

9/08/1998 – 10/28/2010

No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be
Unless My Dog Is There To Welcome Me

Winston Pozzo

3/15/2000 – 8/31/2007

No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be
Unless My Dog Is There To Welcome Me


Legolas, you were one of a kind. You didn’t drink milk, didn’t like catnip, got arrested twice, and loved to walk around the block with us without a leash.

We miss you very much, but the joy and fun that you brought to our family can never be taken away.

See you on the other side, old friend.

Toby Montgomery

January 1998 – August 2010

Toby came to live with us when he was seven years old. His former owners had adopted him from a Florida race track and no longer wanted him. We will never understand why as Toby was a sweetheart. He loved when it was dog bed wash day and would wait as we put each bed back together. He had to be the FIRST dog to lay on each bed. He would jump up and move from bed to bed until ALL were Toby-tested. Toby was our lazy greyhound and would sleep about 20 hours a day. As is the normal progression his body got old and could no longer do what he wanted it to do.

We miss you Toby (the Tob-miester) and will always remember and love you. Tell the others at the bridge hello and we will see you all again when it is time.


Hebrews 1:14. “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth by God to minister for them who shall be the heirs of salvation?” Thank you for what you have done for Mac Daddy and all your efforts to save Patches. From: Wynona (Chrys) Ward and Ed Lancey.

Eli Brunner



Dear Marvin, We parted in 2007. Today we met again. I finally went through your working gear-your backpack and vest-and I knew you were there. You were a dedicated therapy dog. When we found each other, you were abused and abandoned. Yet, your life was devoted to healing and saving. Your first patient was me. Thank you for loving the unloved. As I train Teddy to follow in your footsteps, you are ever present in his eyes. By the way, we’ll be using your backpack.

See you on testing day,

Mommy and Ted

Cocoa Paul Battersby

Cocoa Paul Battersby

His nickname was “My angel from the heavenly sky”
Cocoa loved to play, especially with stuffed toys. He enjoyed sleeping on the bed and loved a good walk or hike.

Cocoa could walk for hours. Cocoa loved to play with his sister, especially in the snow!

He was a very smart dog and could recognize words such as, “Want to go for a ride in the car,” or “Where’s the kitty cat?”

Although Cocoa was only 6 and 1/2 when he died, I know he had a very happy life.

He will always hold a special place in my heart. God bless you my little buddy.

Bernie Ricke

July 14, 1992-August 10, 2008

In loving memory of Bernie Ricke. He was a faithful companion and friend. Thank you Dr. Chambers for caring for him his entire life. July 14, 1992-August 10, 2008


Just wanted to thank Dr. Chambers, Queck and the rest of the staff for all you have done in the years past for my families pets.

Over the past 20 years the 3 dogs that have filled my life have passed on.

Ally was special as she was the last, she was there for us through the loss of the others as well as some of the most difficult times in my life.

Pets provide us not only with companionship but unconditional love that sometimes seems to not exist anywhere else.

Even though weeks have passed, it still pains me to dwell on her too long. She was loved and will be missed tremendously.

Three years ago I moved the the northwest corner of the county only minutes from Lincolnton and still commute the distance to your practice for a reason. Thank you again for your professionalism, dilligence, caring and compassion… it is appreciated greatly.

Miss Pixel

? – March 26, 2010

“miss pixel – mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all”


Dr. Chambers did her initial exam and Dr. Gleason was with us when Kaiya left this world.

Both of them as well as the rest of the staff was very compassionate during one of the hardest times of our life.

We sincerely appreciated the sympathy card from the staff.

Coco Blancato

2/25/1999 – 6/14/2010

In loving memory of my beautiful Coco Puffs

Words can not express the joy you have given to me for the past 11 years. You were my best friend and companion and a day will not go by that I will not think about you.

Every night when it was time for bed you would jump up and look at me almost saying is it OK and you sleep right next to me and I just could not say no.

You would look at me with those big brown eyes and I would just melt.

Our favorite saying was “Who wants a Cookie” and you would come running to me.

Rest in Peace my beautiful baby I will miss you.

Fergie Queck

Fergie was a red and white English Setter born in York County, SC and named after the Duchess of York (England), Lady Fergie. Fergie was a very sweet, loving dog who watched over all of her humans and loved to sleep in their beds. Her other favorite pastime was to swim in the lake after ducks, as she was bred to hunt. She frequently escorted Dr. Queck to work, and was acquainted with many of her clients and patients. She was also featured on the 1998 cover of the Greer Laboratory’s catalog, appeared on television, and did educational visits in schools with Dr. Queck. Her family misses her greatly but takes comfort in knowing she had a wonderful life in a loving home.


? – 03/27/10

On March 27 2010 our beloved Oden has departed, being happy and fulfilled.
We believe that he was very happy in his life after his adoption nine years ago in Los Angeles, CA.
Oden was an amazing spirit and full of love for his family, enjoyed singing Opera, watching History channel and participating in conversations.

He will always be missed and never replaced in that sense.

Molly AKA LuLu

To my forever constant companion and friend through many life changes. I will never forget your devotion and enduring love. We shared many memories together that will never be forgotten. Have fun now with Rudy and Harry.

With all my love,


Goodbye, My Friend (as sung by Linda Ronstadt)
So goodbye my friend
I know I’ll never see you again
But the time together through all the years
Will take away these tears
It’s okay now
Goodbye my friend
But I’m okay now
Goodbye my friend
You can go now
Goodbye my friend



Feisty Tiger is now laid to rest,
With her personality we were blest,
With her passing we must wrest,
Feisty Tiger, you were the best.

Died 1/13/10 She would have been 14 this year.
She leaves behind 6yo Max cat, 2yo TenK dog, and 5 extra sad humans–3 of which were younger than she.



April 24, 1994 – June 26, 2009

Fillby was, and always will be, my best buddy. He will live forever in my heart.

Katie Belle Flynn

Katie Belle Flynn

11/13/99 – 05/24/09

My beloved “first” little girl.

Final words whispered to my Belle:

“Sleep sweetly my little Katie Belle – I Love You”

Puddy Gleason

In Memory of our sweet girl

November 11, 1995 – Sept 27, 2009

“… what we have enjoyed, we can never lose …
all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”
-Helen Keller


Words can’t describe it. You never know how much you love a pet until it’s gone. I will undoubtedly fall short when describing you Padgie, but you were the absolute best. No matter the day I had, you always found a way to cheer me up. Rest in peace up there little guy.

9/29/2005 – 6/2/2016

Love you Padge.


Padgie you were my best friend, you were my brother, and you were the best dog in the world. We will always love you, and we will always miss you.


Rest in peace Padge




When we were near the end, I shared many things with Hudson. Perhaps my favorite, and one that gives me some peace, is a quote from A. A. Milne.

If there comes a time when we can no longer be together, keep a little place in your heart for me, and I’ll be with you forever.



I truly believe she understood.

Our beautiful, kind and loving Hudson has left us now. She will remain forever in our hearts. Her love for us was unconditional and all who knew her felt that love. We were so thankful for our son Eric’s decision to leave Hudson in our care for the latter part of her life. She was simply the greatest gift ever. She was a true lady, a brave fighter through her many ordeals, never showing her pain which we were certain she felt. Until the last day she gave her love to us. We are struggling to face life without her, but know she now is at peace and whole again, able to run free again through the woods and the fields that she enjoyed so much here on earth. Hudson, we love you so much and will keep your gentle spirit alive as long as we live.
Love Pop Pop and Grandma, Eric and Brad.





Sir Hollywood Hogan

“Sir Hollywood Hogan”

The first moment we laid eyes on you we knew you would change our lives forever. We had no clue the extent of that impact. You carried me through some of the most difficult times of my life. You watched Camryn grow and showed nothing but love to everyone you encountered. Not only did you change lives doing therapy work in the community but you were also our therapy at home. You had a presence about you that is unexplainable. Our home is not a home without you. Memories of you flood every second of every day. A huge piece of our hearts left the day you went to heaven. They say time heals all wounds but I don’t know how we will ever be able to say your name without the tears that follow. You were the Dogfather on Earth and we know you are the Gatekeeper up above. We promise to continue your kindness here and we will meet again one day. Until then, watch over us all. We still need you and always will. You were so much more than a dog to us. You were another child. We weren’t ready to say goodbye but you fought as long as you could and we did everything we could. We love you forever Hogan. Rest in peace my sweet boy. We love you more than words. Thank you for giving us all of you for 8 incredible years. There will never be another Sir Hollywood Hogan.

Oliver Tomchins

Oliver Tomchins

Oliver Tomchins

Oliver Tomchins

Oliver Tomchins

Oliver Tomchins


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