Jul 18

Rescue Wins NC Vet Medical Grant, Wilson Wins Dental Work

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Meet Wilson. This is Wilson and a rescue group called Catering for Cats and Dogs brought him to see Dr. Gleason after noticing that he had many fractured teeth.  Despite the intense oral pain he had experienced for years, he is the sweetest boy - wonderful with people and other dogs.  Dr.... Read More >
Jun 09

Canine Influenza Virus Outbreak

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In the wake of the recent outbreak of canine influenza in the Southeast, we are now recommending vaccination against the current strain of canine influenza, H3N2.  Those at highest risk of exposure are dogs who frequent dog parks, doggy day care, boarding/grooming and other dog social... Read More >
Jun 13


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Words can't describe it. You never know how much you love a pet until it's gone. I will undoubtedly fall short when describing you Padgie, but you were the absolute best. No matter the day I had, you always found a way to cheer me up. Rest in peace up there little guy. 9/29/2005 -... Read More >
Apr 18

April 2016

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A frequent question we receive from veterinarians is when to extract a retained deciduous tooth.  This 5.5 month old patient had retained maxillary deciduous teeth. When both the emerging adult and deciduous teeth are present in the same alveolus, the resultant crowding leads to... Read More >
Dec 14

December 2015 – Oranasal Fistula

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This 12 year old MN Bloodhound presented for evaluation of a right sided oronasal fistula (ONF). The patient had the right maxillary canine tooth extracted years earlier and subsequently developed an ONF. He had the ONF repaired a short time thereafter, but the procedure was unsuccessful. The... Read More >
Oct 26

How to Care for Your Puppy

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Puppies are so adorable and make a great addition to a family. Potential pet owners that have never owned a puppy or dog need to educate themselves prior to taking one home. So what's the big deal? It's just a pet. Wrong! Caring for a puppy or any pet is a huge responsibility and you should be... Read More >
Oct 13

October 2015 – Post Operative Dental Radiographs

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This feline patient was presented for evaluation of stomatitis with persistent severe inflammation of the caudal pharynx. The canine teeth and some of the incisors remained. Approximately a year prior to our evaluation, all molars and premolars were extracted without post... Read More >
Oct 02


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When we were near the end, I shared many things with Hudson. Perhaps my favorite, and one that gives me some peace, is a quote from A. A. Milne. If there comes a time when we can no longer be together, keep a little place in your heart for me, and I’ll be with you forever.     I... Read More >
Jul 27

Alert: Canine Influenza Virus

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We want to alert you to a health concern for certain populations of dogs in North Carolina. As many as 200 dogs nationwide and at least three in North Carolina have been diagnosed this summer with canine influenza (dog flu), according to the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services'... Read More >
Jul 20

July 2015 – Dental Radiographs

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Dental Radiographs and Root Planning Are you taking full mouth dental radiographs of all of your patients?   Are you performing an anesthetized oral exam and charting all of your patients? I know it seems like this message from us is relentless, but it is for excellent reason. Nearly everyday we... Read More >