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7 Dog Grooming Hacks That Will Make You and Your Pup Much Happier

Dog grooming is a necessity that most dogs just don’t enjoy. They think they smell just fine! Sure, the brushing feels nice, but the bath? The nail trims? What if they get an ear infection from...
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Canine Influenza Virus Outbreak

In the wake of the recent outbreak of canine influenza in the Southeast, we are now recommending vaccination against the current strain of canine influenza, H3N2.  Those at highest risk of exposure...
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June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Adopt a cat (or two) this month from a shelter or rescue in the Charlotte area! There are lots of reasons to adopt a new furry friend, but this time of year tends to see shelters and rescues at or near...
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Healthy Dog Treats Aren’t Just for Overweight Dogs

Healthy dog treats are a great way to help an overweight dog slim down, but they are also great for ALL dogs as a nutritional boost! There are lots of fresh, low-calorie snacks right in your refrigerator...
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What Kind of Dog Should I Get?

What kind of dog should you get? Choosing the right dog for your family might seem a bit daunting given all the choices there are. We have some points to consider to help you make the best decision...
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It’s Tick Season in Charlotte, NC

Did you know that a tick can increase its weight by 100 times during the 8-12 days that it is attached and feeding from its host? It’s the return of tick season here in Charlotte,...
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Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Dogs and Cats

You’ve heard it before. “Spay and neuter your pets!” There are several reasons why it’s important, but did you know that your pet’s health is a big one? The medical benefits...
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Kitten Fostering Workshop! March 11

Kitten fostering! Have you ever considered fostering rescued kittens? It’s incredibly rewarding, and with spring upon us, the need for people to help care for rescued kittens until they find their...
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What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy, also known as low-level light therapy or therapeutic laser, is a wonderful, non-invasive way to speed healing and manage pain in dogs and cats. Actually, it’s even done for...
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Wounds, Burns, & Other Traumas: Pet First Aid

Dog & Cat First Aid: Wounds, Burns, & Other Traumas

Among the most common of medical situations you may encounter with your dog or cat are wounds, burns, and other traumas. First...
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Dog and Cat Allergic Reactions: Pet First Aid

Dog and cat allergic reactions vary from common and mild to rare and emergent. First aid for a dog or cat can be an important thing to be familiar with because of the wide range of allergens and possible...
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Dog and Cat Seizures and Heatstroke: Pet First Aid

In dogs and cats, seizures and heat stroke are both very scary situations. Just as with humans, though, we don’t often give them much thought because many don’t consider them to be likely....
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Cat & Dog CPR and Vitals: Pet First Aid

Cat and Dog CPR and Vital Signs: Pet First Aid


CPR chest compressions.

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Pet First Aid: What You Should Know

Pet first aid is something that all pet owners should know because, let’s face it, accidents happen. It’s important to understand that even though aspects are similar to first aid in humans,...
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Microchipping Dogs and Cats: The Difference Between “Lost” and “Home”

Microchipping dogs and cats is a quick, simple measure that can be the difference between “lost” and “home” for your pet. We recommend microchipping to all pet-owners as a basic...
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Heartworm Treatment and Prevention: Dogs and Cats

Heartworm treatment and prevention is about saving lives. Heartworm disease is something that needs to be taken very seriously...
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Heartworm Disease Is Fatal: What You Need to Know

Heartworm disease is fatal to dogs and cats. It causes lung disease, heart failure, and damage to other organs as a result of having worms that are a foot long living inside the heart, lungs,...
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4 Pet-Friendly Charlotte Spots to Visit

Pet-friendly Charlotte places to take your four-legged family member that aren’t just the typical big box pet store or dog park? We’ve got them! They are even better when the venue is somewhere...
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Dogs Can Die in Hot Cars in Just Minutes

Dogs in hot cars can die. Most people know that. What many don’t seem to realize is that cars don’t only get hot on hot days or how fast it happens. A comfortable 75° degree day with...
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Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke – What You Need to Know

I met Max, a happy English bulldog, when I was in vet school at Penn.  Like many dogs of his breed,...
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Allergies Affect Dogs and Cats Too!

Allergies affect dogs and cats too! Itchy skin, gunky ears, and what is that smell?! Allergies and sensitivities are common problems for pets, often resulting in very itchy skin, inflamed...
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Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. You will probably be spending a lot of time outdoors and your pet will be as well. Tick and flea prevention needs to be on your mind to keep your pets...
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OraStrip: Detecting the unseen risk of periodontal disease in your pet

We’ve all heard about and understand the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth daily to prevent periodontal disease.  However, periodontal disease does not just affect the people...
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