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June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Adopt a cat (or two) this month from a shelter or rescue in the Charlotte area! There are lots of reasons to adopt a new furry friend, but this time of year tends to see shelters and rescues at or near max capacity with cats in need of homes making it a critical time to save lives from euthanasia when shelters are practically overflowing. This is because spring is kitten season, so in addition to the already very high number of adult cats needing homes year round, there is a boom of babies who need homes too!

Cat Shelter Statistics Show How Much They Need Help

According to HSUS, of the approximately 3 million shelter dogs and cats that are euthanized each year, about 80% of them were healthy or easily treatable. They just didn’t have room for them. About 70% of all cats in shelters nationwide are put to sleep. Black cats have the lowest adoption rates.

The good news is that we can help by adopting and then spaying and neutering!

Charlotte Cat Adoption

In Charlotte, we have several great options for adopting cats that vary from our county shelter to local rescue groups. Most of the cats in rescues come from shelters, so adopting from either helps to save lives. Here are a few places to check out locally to meet some cats and find the purrfect fit for your family!

Humane Society of Charlotte

Humane Society of York County

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control

Charlotte SPCA

Catering to Cats & Dogs

Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab

North Meck Animal Rescue

…and there are more!

Tips for Adopting Your New Cat

  • Consider that cats have individual personalities just like people. Do you want an active, playful cat or an easy-going cuddler? Ask an adoption counselor to help you narrow down your options based on which meshes best with your lifestyle.
  • Make sure everyone in your household is on board with the adoption process and understands how to take it slow with a new cat that will likely be nervous when you first take it home.
  • Have all the supplies you’ll need for your cat set up and ready before you bring the cat home: litter box and litter, food and water dishes, toys, etc. It’s good to introduce them to an already settled environment.
  • Ask for any veterinary records that the rescue or shelter can provide on your cat.
  • Make sure you spay/neuter your cat when age appropriate, and stay current on vaccines.


“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”

– Jean Cocteau

Check out Charlotte-area adoptable cats available now!


  • Koby is a very handsome neutered 3 year old orange tabby
  • He has been with us over a year.
  • He needs to find his FURever – is that YOU?
  • Searching for the right family where he’d be the only cat and no children please
  • Come in and meet this boy. He’s full of personality!
  • Ask about Koby today!

  • Henry is another handsome cream sickle neutered tabby about 8 years old
  • He hasn’t been with us as long as Koby but his personality is similar.
  • He wants a how to call his. One where he’s the only cat!
  • He loves to play. He’s a goof ball.
  • And as you can see he needs all the playing to get him back into shape!
  • Come in and ask to meet Henry.


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