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Kitten Fostering Workshop! March 11

Kitten fostering! Have you ever considered fostering rescued kittens? It’s incredibly rewarding, and with spring upon us, the need for people to help care for rescued kittens until they find their forever home is massive. Every year, rescues across the country are inundated with orphaned or unwanted kittens.

With the number of little lives in need greatly exceeding the number of volunteers in most rescues, we want to do our part by hosting a very special workshop. Join us on March 11 from 1pm-5pm for “Kitten Fostering 101: A Guide for Fostering Orphans and Bottle Babies”

This event is co-hosted by Zach’s Rescue in Charlotte, NC. Your presenter will be Susan Spaulding, “Kitten Mom” and National Kitten Coalition co-founder. Even if you don’t plan on fostering bottle babies, knowing what to do in the first few hours of finding a teeny tiny kitten can save a life.

Space is limited to 20 attendees, and registration is required for this free workshop by contacting Join the ‘Kitten Mom’ on 3/11 – this information SAVES LIVES!


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