Jan 12

Wounds, Burns, & Other Traumas: Pet First Aid

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Dog & Cat First Aid: Wounds, Burns, & Other Traumas Among the most common of medical situations you may encounter with your dog or cat are wounds, burns, and other traumas. First aid for these is important and likely pretty familiar. Before we get into specifics, be sure you have read... Read More >
Dec 16

Dog and Cat Allergic Reactions: Pet First Aid

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Dog and cat allergic reactions vary from common and mild to rare and emergent. First aid for a dog or cat can be an important thing to be familiar with because of the wide range of allergens and possible reactions in our typical environments. Let’s start by looking at some of the most common... Read More >
Nov 02

Dog and Cat Seizures and Heatstroke: Pet First Aid

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In dogs and cats, seizures and heat stroke are both very scary situations. Just as with humans, though, we don’t often give them much thought because many don’t consider them to be likely. The bottom line is that they are more common than you might think. Know what you can do to help your pet... Read More >
Oct 14

Cat & Dog CPR and Vitals: Pet First Aid

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Cat and Dog CPR and Vital Signs: Pet First Aid CPR chest compressions. Cat and dog CPR and vital signs knowledge are fundamental to pet first aid. In our previous blog post in our Pet First Aid series, we discussed the basics: dog and cat first aid supplies and safe handling. With these... Read More >
Sep 20

Pet First Aid: What You Should Know

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Pet first aid is something that all pet owners should know because, let’s face it, accidents happen. It’s important to understand that even though aspects are similar to first aid in humans, there are sometimes significant differences in how to safely care for your pet. Learning what to be on... Read More >
Aug 26

Microchipping Dogs and Cats: The Difference Between “Lost” and “Home”

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Microchipping dogs and cats is a quick, simple measure that can be the difference between “lost” and “home” for your pet. We recommend microchipping to all pet-owners as a basic precaution because, let’s face it, accidents happen. Pets slip out of their collars, they get spooked by loud... Read More >
Aug 15

Heartworm Treatment and Prevention: Dogs and Cats

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Heartworm treatment and prevention is about saving lives. Heartworm disease is something that needs to be taken very seriously for our dogs and cats. It's easy to prevent, easy to diagnose, but not always easy to treat. Heartworm treatment in dogs and cats Photo credit: American Heartworm... Read More >
Aug 10

Heartworm Disease Is Fatal: What You Need to Know

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Heartworms can be a foot long, living in and damaging the heart, lungs, and nearby blood vessels. Heartworm disease is fatal to dogs and cats. It causes lung disease, heart failure, and damage to other organs as a result of having worms that are a foot long living inside the heart, lungs, and... Read More >
Jul 25

4 Pet-Friendly Charlotte Spots to Visit

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Pet-friendly Charlotte places to take your four-legged family member that aren’t just the typical big box pet store or dog park? We’ve got them! They are even better when the venue is somewhere that humans and pets can both have fun! We’ve gathered a few of what we think are some of the... Read More >
Jul 04

Dogs Can Die in Hot Cars in Just Minutes

Dogs in hot cars can die. Most people know that. What many don’t seem to realize is that cars don’t only get hot on hot days or how fast it happens. A comfortable 75° degree day with a breeze will still result in a dangerously hot car interior within minutes. Not hours.... Read More >