Jul 01

Heat Stroke

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Heat Stroke - What You Need to Know I met Max, a happy English bulldog, when I was in vet school at Penn.  Like many dogs of his breed, he had a little extra “insulation” due to a fondness for treats and big brown eyes that were hard to say no to.  Max was a typical couch potato dog who was... Read More >
May 25

Allergies Affect Dogs and Cats Too!

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Allergies affect dogs and cats too! Itchy skin, gunky ears, and what is that smell?! Allergies and sensitivities are common problems for pets, often resulting in very itchy skin, inflamed ears, and yeast overgrowth or bacterial infections. These are unpleasant to deal with for both pet and owner.... Read More >
Apr 24

Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats

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Spring is here and summer is around the corner. You will probably be spending a lot of time outdoors and your pet will be as well. Tick and flea prevention needs to be on your mind to keep your pets healthy. Here are several tips and information about tick and flea prevention and why you should.... Read More >
Apr 21

OraStrip: Detecting the unseen risk of periodontal disease in your pet

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We’ve all heard about and understand the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth daily to prevent periodontal disease.  However, periodontal disease does not just affect the people in your home.  A whopping 85% of dogs already have periodontal disease causing irreversible bone loss by age... Read More >
Apr 18

How to Introduce Your Newborn to Your Pets

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Are you a new parent or soon to be? Congratulations! You are probably busy baby-proofing your home, decorating the nursery, and so much more. If you have pets, it’s time to start thinking of how you will introduce the new addition to them. Training. If your pet has any bad habits it’s time... Read More >
Mar 07

6 Tips on Walking Your Dog

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Most dogs require a lot of exercise and unfortunately, like a lot of humans, they do not get enough. Walking your dog on a daily basis will help both of you. In fact, they are probably the best walking buddy you could ask for. As you and your dog get into a walking routine they will get used to it.... Read More >
Mar 02

How to Improve Your Dog’s Smelly Breath

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Brush Teeth. You should brush your dog’s teeth daily with the appropriate tools made especially for dogs. Certain companies make toothpaste that taste like chicken and other tasty food your dog will love. Dental Appointments. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a must, but it is definitely not a... Read More >
Feb 15

6 Dog Behaviors That Could Mean Health Problems

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Strange dog behaviors can be a sign of health problems. If you have ever owned a dog you probably have seen some type of weird behavior. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the behavior and think they are “just being a dog”. If you see your dog acting abnormally it is best to take note and make... Read More >
Feb 12

Responsible Pet Ownership Month

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February is the month of love. I am sure you celebrate Valentine’s Day but let’s not forget that this month is “Responsible Pet Ownership Month” as well! Whether you have had many pets in your life or you may be thinking of adopting or purchasing a pet for the first time, the following tips... Read More >
Jan 25

Dog & Cat Traveling Tips

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Whether you are traveling down the street to the vet, cross country by car, by plane, or train, your pet can become extremely stressed and uncomfortable. You may have an option to leave them behind on a longer trip but you will have to take them to the vet at some point. Here are some traveling... Read More >