Jan 19

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

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In today's world, most pet owners think of their pet as a part of the family. Yes, there are people that still think their pet is just an animal (sad but true) but this article is intended for owners that want to take the best care of their pet. With that said, even considering all of the... Read More >
Dec 18

5 Reasons to Microchip Your Pets

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Microchipping your pet is affordable and a great safety net. It requires little to no pain and is similar to a vaccination. Microchips last up to 25 years. ID tags can get scratched up and fall off after time. Pets get stolen, especially if they are from a more valuable breed. The... Read More >
Dec 14

Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

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The holidays are a fun time to be with friends, family, and your pets. We make tasty treats, decorate our house with beautiful things, and stay really busy. It's easy to let your guard down especially regarding the safety of your pets. Here are some great tips to keep your pets safe during the... Read More >
Nov 25

Heartworm Disease

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Heartworm Disease: What You Should Know There are four stages of symptoms for being infected with heartworms. Dogs and cats have similar symptoms but there can be differences. The following are some generic symptoms, but not a complete list. If your pet has other symptoms not listed here contact... Read More >
Oct 26

How to Care for Your Puppy

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Puppies are so adorable and make a great addition to a family. Potential pet owners that have never owned a puppy or dog need to educate themselves prior to taking one home. So what's the big deal? It's just a pet. Wrong! Caring for a puppy or any pet is a huge responsibility and you should be... Read More >
Oct 02

The Top 5 Dangers to Pets During Halloween

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My name is Dr. Andrea Olson and I'm one of the veterinarians at The Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. Through our monthly blog, we're hoping to bring you the latest news about advances in veterinary medicine, updates about what's going on around the hospital, relevant information to help... Read More >
Sep 25

Fall Safety Hazards for your Pets

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Fall is an enjoyable time for humans and animals alike. There are less insects and the weather is much cooler for most in the United States. If you have children, you will be getting them settled back in school. A lot of distractions can lead to letting your guard down. Here are a few hazards to... Read More >
Jul 27

Alert: Canine Influenza Virus

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We want to alert you to a health concern for certain populations of dogs in North Carolina. As many as 200 dogs nationwide and at least three in North Carolina have been diagnosed this summer with canine influenza (dog flu), according to the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services'... Read More >
Oct 13

Small Animal Dentistry

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The Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic is also a referral practice devoted to small animal dentistry. It is one of 3 in the Carolinas. Veterinarians from all parts of the Southeastern United States refer patients to our hospital for advanced dental care. The Carolinas Animals Hospital... Read More >
Jul 31

Welcome Dr. Andrea Olson!

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Please help us welcome Dr. Andrea Olson to our hospital.  She and her husband moved to Charlotte from Nebraska a few weeks ago.  She is a graduate of Notre Dame and University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School.  We know you and your pets will all enjoy working with... Read More >