Oct 22

Case of the Month | October 2014

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We did extensive dental work on another of this client’s pets and through that interaction, the importance of dental radiography became clear. They decided to bring their 8 year old MN miniature poodle to see us for a routine dental cleaning and full mouth x-rays. This patient competes on a... Read More >
Sep 23

Case of the Month | September 2014

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Case of the Month An 11 year old Husky presents to you with an oral cavity that looks like this. She has not had prior dental care and is otherwise healthy. What would your recommendation be to this owner regarding dental care?   At 11 years old without prior dental care... Read More >
Sep 23

Issue 25 | September 2014

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Welcome to our monthly dental newsletter! We look forward to increasing awareness of common veterinary dental problems and treatment options through these fun and interactive learning modules. Our state-of-the-art AAHA-accredited hospital has been offering advanced veterinary dentistry to patients... Read More >