Jul 31

Magoo Milliken

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5/2013 – 9/2013 Magoo was adopted as a blind baby boy. He was the best little kitty one could ask for. Unfortunately, due to health issues we only had him 3 months of his very short 5 month life. He is now across the Rainbow Bridge playing with his brothers and... Read More >
Jul 31


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Jul 31

Lucy Bartlett

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2/24/99 - 3/4/2013 Lucy was my Mother's Day present from my husband and children in May 1999. This was the best Mother's Day gift ever. Lucy was a loving little girl who taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Everyone that met Lucy loved her friendly, loving personality. Lucy loved to look... Read More >
Jul 31


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Our beloved Snickers who was a part of our family for 15 years. We will miss you always. We miss your never ceasing tail wagging and your always happy nature. I will miss your nose in the field and your pride when you returned with the bird in your mouth. Now as you hunt that last big field I can... Read More >
Jul 31

Baxter Webb-Dooley

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Baxter was the best, most loyal and lovable friend anyone could ask for in a puppy dog! Always up for a walk- more like a trot- his head held high and proud, curious as to who we might meet that day. The best snuggler around, and loved doing so with his brothers, who happened to be cats... The... Read More >
Jul 31

Maxwell Dooley

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Max was the welcoming committee chair in our house...greeting everyone as they arrived. Never met a stranger and he wasnt afraid of anything. He kept his brother Cozzie warm and was a great snuggler for humans too. He had a purr to rival an old Model T car...we miss his presence in our... Read More >
Jul 31


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Dakota, you were with us for 10 years, 10 amazing years! You were a part of our family. We miss you so much Dakota. Your death was too soon and too unexpected, we were not able to say the proper good-bye. You waited for us girl, and then you left us, we are grateful for that. We love you , and will... Read More >
Jul 31

Sampson DeCarlo

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Sampson DeCarlo 8/23/1999 - 6/14/2011 Sir Sampson of Wiltshire Manor loved to go on walks, swim, camp and just be with us. He would sit patiently with his big old head propped on a window sill waiting for us to get home or just watch the world go by. When he was 7, he helped us welcomed our son... Read More >
Jul 31


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Jul 31


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2/2011 "Pine was an abused stray who found us when she was less than a year old, starving and more than half covered with mange. Thanks to the support of a wonderful vet and our dedicated care to her health needs, Pine grew into a beautiful, healthy, happy and very energetic family member. She... Read More >