Aug 24

FIV: The Deadly Virus You Should Be Vaccinating You Cat For

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FIV is a deadly virus that affects cats similarly to how HIV affects humans. But cats can be vaccinated for FIV! It’s quick and easy to prevent, yet in the U.S., cat owners give substantially less veterinary care to their kitties than dogs get, statistically, including basic wellness and... Read More >
Jul 19

Dog and Cat Body Condition Score: What You Should Know

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Have you heard of a body condition score for dogs and cats? It’s a scale that is commonly used by veterinarians and other professionals to rate the overall condition of a pet as it pertains to weight and nutrition. Though this might sound dull, it actually is a great way for pet owners to... Read More >
Apr 22

April 2015 – Gingival Hyperplasia

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This patient presented for an oral examination less than a year after beginning cyclosporine for atopy. There was significant drug induced gingival hyperplasia present.     What two vital diagnostic steps are necessary to determine a complete treatment plan for this... Read More >
Apr 17

Veterinarians Day at the Capitol

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Dr. Gleason, NCVMA District 9 representative, attended Veterinarians Day at the Capitol in Raleigh on May... Read More >