Jul 31

Clancey Shroy

I was told that if you should have a dog, then the dog should choose you.

When I first saw Clancey I kept my distance knowing what a lifetime commitment it would be to take her home. She skirted around me, gave me a couple of sniffs, and then laid across my feet…the breath was knocked out of me.

Clanc became my companion wherever I went…stores, parks, mountains, grandchildren’s school, friend’s houses, road trips, everyone knew and loved Clancey. She had her spot on one end of the couch and I was on the other. Over the years the seven grandchildren took turns snuggling into her fur, and she acted accordingly curling in tighter and giving them a lick.

Clancey left our family too quickly at nine years old and I miss her every day. The house is quiet, the car is quiet, the grandkids are saddened and my heart is broken. I could not have kept her without the love of my family helping me all these years, especially Chad and Megan, who were more patient and loving than I could have ever tried to be, and our family friend Jim, who believed that Clanc was his daughter with fur on, or without my beautiful niece Dr. Marguerite Gleason, who loved and helped Clancey through her final days.

Thank you all for loving her so much. I believe in my heart that Clancey will be the first one I see when I close my eyes for the last time….at least I hope so.

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