Oct 16

Cocoa Greene

May 5, 1998-September 15, 2014

May 5, 1998-September 15, 2014

Our funny little girl was put to sleep

After 16 years of memories to keep.

She was a fighter, always letting us know;

Her barking songs stole the show.

She used her voice to get her way,

especially when she wanted to play.

She loved walks and chasing a squirrel.

She was our little Cocoa pearl.

She was a smart little one, figuring things out

Doing her backwards moon walk to help her daddy out.

As years went by, her heart grew tired,

Her eyes cloudy and vision mired.

She let us know she had to go,

She crossed over the rainbow.

She joins Shelby and Dolly in heaven.

We thank them all for the memories they have given.

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