Sep 25

Fall Safety Hazards for your Pets

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Fall is an enjoyable time for humans and animals alike. There are less insects and the weather is much cooler for most in the United States. If you have children, you will be getting them settled back in school. A lot of distractions can lead to letting your guard down. Here are a few hazards to consider this fall.

There are around 20 different species of venomous snakes found in the United States. Most snakes hibernate in fall and winter but can still be active up until the first of December. Due to the cooler temperatures snakes will sun bathe on anything that retains and radiates heat. While hiking or enjoying the outdoors keep animals on a leash to be able to control where they walk. Animals are curious by nature and could stumble upon danger.
In most areas of the US trees lose their leaves in the fall. It is a beautiful time of year but caution must be taken. Rake up all fallen leaves and continue to do so through the season. This will make sure your pet does not stumble upon a venomous snake or that garden tool you lost a week ago.
Although temperatures in the day can be very comfortable, the temperature at night can drastically plummet. Make sure you either bring your pet in at an adequate time or supply proper bedding and shelter outside. If your pet lives outside, you should leave out more food and make sure their water is not frozen.

The fall is a perfect time to work on the health of your lawn. During this period of time, you may be fertilizing, spraying herbicide, correcting the PH balance of your lawn, or using one of many chemicals to help your yard look its best. Remember to keep all pets indoors while spraying, allow the treated area to dry 24 hours before letting your pets play, and keep chemicals out of reach. While you are maintaining your lawn, you may notice mushrooms are starting to thrive. The mushrooms around your home may or may not be toxic and even experts sometimes can’t tell. Toxic mushrooms can be just as dangerous as venomous snakes. Use a fungicide to kill existing mushrooms and prevent others from growing. Remember to keep your pet away from the treated area for 24 hours.

All animals have an instinct to keep warm in colder months. That goes for unwanted pests as well. Rodents start trying to find warm places to spend the fall and winter and they could end up in your home. If you need to deter rodents from your home be careful to use non toxic products or keep toxic products out of reach. Rodenticide can be fatal to your pets and the highest of caution must be taken.
Enjoy this fall season and be safe!

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