Apr 18

How to Introduce Your Newborn to Your Pets

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Are you a new parent or soon to be? Congratulations! You are probably busy baby-proofing your home, decorating the nursery, and so much more. If you have pets, it’s time to start thinking of how you will introduce the new addition to them.

Training. If your pet has any bad habits it’s time to get serious about training. You will definitely not have the time to bond with your new baby and train your pet. Call us and we would love to speak with you about a behavioral conditioning plan customized for your pet and situation.

Love and Attention. Your life is about to get really busy. A new baby in the house can make everything come to a dead stop. Don’t forget to show your pet love and affection. Try to continue those walks and spend time with them on a regular basis. Purchase a walking/jogging stroller and take the newborn along.

Introduce Baby’s Scent. Whether you own a dog, cat, or both, your pet is very influenced by scent. Before your baby is even born you could start introducing a baby scent in your home. One example would be to use a burp cloth or baby blanket and add a scent like baby powder. If your baby has already been born you can use something they have actually used. Introduce this item to your pet and set boundaries by claiming it as your own. This will help set boundaries for your pet.

Set Rules for Pet. If you’re pet has been at your home without children it may have had full reign of your home and felt like the King or Queen of the castle. A good start to getting them conditioned to the change would be to make the nursery off limits. You can use a baby gate for this and it will allow you to view your baby and have easy access to get in. This will send a clear message to your pet that you have claimed that space and you are in control.

Set Rules for Baby. Small children do not know their own strength. If no rules are set they may grow up and try to ride your dog around the house (yes, it happens) or play too rough. Even very sweet and highly trained dogs can break under pressure.

Safety First. Never assume that your newborn will be safe around your pet. Always supervise your pet when the two are in the same room. The safety of your child should always come first. If you have any questions or concerns it would be a great idea to contact us to discuss your pet and contact your baby’s pediatrician as well.

We look forward to speaking with you and congrats!

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