Sep 23

Issue 25 | September 2014

Welcome to our monthly dental newsletter!

We look forward to increasing awareness of common veterinary dental problems and treatment options through these fun and interactive learning modules. Our state-of-the-art AAHA-accredited hospital has been offering advanced veterinary dentistry to patients since 1993. Our veterinarians perform dental consultations and procedures in our main Charlotte hospital and satellite locations in Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC.

October & November Dental Classes

Is your staff as efficient with dental radiographs as you would like?
Are full mouth radiographs standard for all of your dental procedures?

Please join us on October 23 for our Dental Radiography class. Then return on November 19 for our Radiography
Interpretation and Marketing class to learn what to do about all of the pathology you will find on your x-rays.
Both classes are appropriate for vets and technical staff.

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The most common services we offer include:

• Digital Dental Radiographs
• Surgical Extractions
• Periodontal Therapy
• Endodontic Therapy
• Root Canals
• Vital Pulpotomies/Direct Pulp Capping
• Restorative Dentistry
• Composite Restorations
• Crowns (Silver Titanium & Tooth-Colored Zirconium Bruxir)
• Orthodontics
• Appliances
• Brackets and Elastics
• Bite Evaluations
• Oral Surgery
• Fracture Repair
• Mass Removals
• Oronasal Fistula Repair
• Laser Surgery
• Mandibulectomy
• Maxillectomy


Case of the Month

By Dr. Marguerite Gleason

sept-newsletter-dental-caseWhat is your diagnosis?

An 11 year old Husky presents to you with an oral cavity that looks like this. She has not had prior dental care and is otherwise healthy.

What would your recommendation be to this owner regarding dental care?


More Information

Upcoming Classes

Instructor: Dr. Marguerite Gleason

Are you aware we offer CE classes in our hospital?

Additional class descriptions and fees are available on our website under the “DENTAL SERVICES/CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASSES” menu. Please contact Michelle Reeves at, or call (704) 588-9788 to register. Space is limited.


– 10/23/14 – Digital Dental Radiography (DVM/Technician) Lecture/Wet Lab • 1-4pm (3 CE credits) • $249

– 11/10/14 – Dental Radiographic Interpretation/Treatment Recommendations And Marketing Dentistry (DVM/Technician) Lecture Only • (3 CE credits) • $249

– 12/10/14 – Canine Surgical Dental Extractions (DVMs Only) Lecture/Wet Lab • 1-5pm (4 CE credits) • $399

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