Jan 18

January 2015 Newsletter: Dental Crowding

Dental crowding leading to periodontal disease is a common finding in dogs.  This is a 5-year-old MN Yorkie with crowding of the mandibular incisors.  The patient has never had prior dental care because, according to the owner, a veterinarian has never made that recommendation.  What would your treatment plan include?

A 5-year-old toy breed dog is predisposed to periodontal disease even without dental crowding.  By preconditioning clients during the puppy and kitten visits that the first dental cleaning will be due at 1 year and at least annually thereafter, you are preparing them for their pet’s preventative dental care.  This patient should also have had permanent incisors extracted as a puppy.  This would have created room for proper home dental care and minimize the likelihood of future periodontal disease.

Both second incisors, which emerged lingual to the remaining incisors, were extracted.  By extracting these teeth, the patient will have a better long-term prognosis for retaining the remaining incisors.





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