Dec 14

Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

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The holidays are a fun time to be with friends, family, and your pets. We make tasty treats, decorate our house with beautiful things, and stay really busy. It’s easy to let your guard down especially regarding the safety of your pets. Here are some great tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays:


1.     Keep candles higher up and out of reach. Pets are curious and often use their nose to investigate new items. This could give them a nasty burn and is a fire hazard as well.

2.     If you are using Christmas lights, make sure your pet does not chew them. This could cause electrical shock and a fire hazard to your home.

3.     Wire and string hangers for ornaments are highly dangerous if swallowed. After decorating your Christmas tree make sure to scan the ground for overlooked string and wire.

4.     Mistletoe and poinsettias are beautiful plants to use for your home during the holidays but can be poisonous to your pets. Keep all plants off the floor and out of reach.

5.     Certain snow globes can be made of methylene chloride. Check the manufacturers info about yours.

6.     Artificial snow, garland, and other decorations like these can be very dangerous for your pet.



1.     Feed your pet the same food as usual. It’s OK to give them a treat for the holidays but feeding them table scraps should be avoided. They could choke on bones and their stomach could become irritated from a major diet change.

2.     A lot of people like alcoholic beverages during the holidays. Keep in mind your pets (just like children) are curious by nature and may try to drink your adult concoction. Alcohol can be highly dangerous for pets to drink.

3.     Chocolate, sugar free candy, and other treats can be fatal for your pet. If you want to give your pet a different treat make sure to speak with your vet before hand.


1.     Pets are like humans when it comes to stress. Make sure you give your pets time to relax in a room by themselves possibly with the lights out and in a safe place like a kennel.

2.     If there are many small children running around make sure to have rules in place for handling your pets. Small toddlers do not know their own strength and can be a little too rough.

1.     If your pet plays outside, remember to check on them periodically. Dropping temperatures can cause hypothermia. Make sure they have adequate shelter and bedding for colder days.


Use animal safe products for your holiday decorations and pet proof your home. This will make sure you and your pet can have a safe and happy holiday. Have fun and be safe!!

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