Mar 19

March 2015 – Retained Deciduous Teeth

Retained Deciduous Teeth

If presented with this 5 month old dog, what would be your treatment recommendation?

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There should never be more than one tooth in an alveolus. When there is a permanent tooth that erupts without the corresponding deciduous tooth exfoliating, the deciduous tooth should be removed as soon as possible. Dental crowding leads to periodontal disease. A retained deciduous tooth may also cause the corresponding permanent tooth to erupt in an inappropriate position, leading to a malocclusion. This deciduous maxillary left canine tooth (#604) was extracted by performing a left infraorbital nerve block, creating a single incision with a 15c blade over the root surface of the tooth and elevating the tooth.

After performing a post extraction dental xray, the incision in the gingiva was closed using a 5-0 monofilament suture. The therapeutic laser was used over the area to stimulate healing and reduce pain.

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