Jul 31

Maxwell Dooley

pm-Maxwell and his blankiepm-Maxwell in LightMax was the welcoming committee chair in our house…greeting everyone as they arrived. Never met a stranger and he wasnt afraid of anything. He kept his brother Cozzie warm and was a great snuggler for humans too. He had a purr to rival an old Model T car…we miss his presence in our world.

The Trees are Grieving…

They’re wallering and hollering
at the news of little Maxwell
Crying and kicking
that it has come to this.

Then shocked…and still
eyes wide and blank,
with barely the wind
to blow their bark.

“It will be alright”, Mother Nature coos,
“This is life, good days then bad news. He’ll
fly away, free as birds do, with wings so wide
they’ll take him far…far away from her where life’s been so hard.”

We mortals know that life is short,
but the great big happy one he had,
can be called his work of art.

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