Carolinas Animal Hospital

The Carolinas Animal Hospital is proud to house state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment designed to provide fast and accurate care for your pet.
When it comes to sick dogs and cats, speed isn’t just about convenience. It’s also about a fast diagnosis so we can treat your pet efficiently. Some vet practices send out all of their blood work, for example, so results often aren’t available until the next day. We run basic blood work here, in our own office on top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment, so that we have a good picture of your dog or cat’s organ function, blood cell counts, etc. in just minutes. The same goes for urinalysis to help us quickly diagnose painful or potentially dangerous conditions such as bladder infections, kidney infections, or crystals in urine which can easily cause blockages in cats.

On-Site Imaging

Whole Body & Dental Digital X-Rays

Radiographs, or X-rays, give us a physical picture of what your pet looks like on the inside. Everyone knows this is great for looking at bones and joints, but this also gives us a look at other things like the gut to confirm an intestinal blockage, for example. We also need fast X-rays of teeth during dental procedures to minimize your pet’s time under anesthesia.

Dr. Olson's expertise in ultrasonography allows us to quickly and non-invasively diagnose medical needs.

Dr. Olson’s expertise in ultrasonography allows us to quickly assess medical needs with great detail.


We are excited to offer ultrasound services to our patients. Ultrasonography is a non-invasive way to assess the internal organs (the kidneys, liver, spleen, bladder, etc.) in a far more detailed manner than x-rays can provide.  All of our ultrasound images are also reviewed by a board-certified veterinary radiologist to ensure that your pet is receiving the highest standard of care.


Using our integrated radiography system, we are able to digitally send images to board certified radiologists and cardiologists to obtain results of a consultation in as little as 30 minutes. In the medical world, that is lightning fast!

On-Site Laboratory Services:

Wellness and sick blood tests can be performed to obtain rapid results, whether on-site or at a nearby outside laboratory for some specific needs.  This gives your pet the “voice” they need to tell us what is going on inside of them. Every measurement, every result, gives us vital information.

Did you know that different blood panels are run for pets in different age groups? Or that prior to any surgery, your pet should have a Pre-Op panel to see that they are healthy enough to undergo anesthesia? Just as with humans, the data that we can obtain from a small sample of blood is invaluable. Animals can’t tell us about their symptoms or physical changes. Combined with  your own observations of your pet, we look for some of the most crucial information we can gather. Of course, we’d want something that important to be done quickly on-site whenever possible!



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