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Kallie’s Big Day At The Carolinas Animal Hospital And Dental Clinic

When I was kissing my mom the other day she told me I had really bad breath. How embarrassing! My veterinarian told her my stinky breath was due to dental disease. Ugh! A few days later she brought me to my favorite doctor for a dental cleaning.

That's Me!

That’s Me!

When I arrived at the hospital the doctor examined me and drew a blood sample. They used this cool machine to tell them that my organs were healthy enough to go under anesthesia.


They told me that they were putting a catheter in the vein on my front leg to make sure I could go under anesthesia safely.


They gave me an injection of pain medicine and I felt a nice calm feeling. Then I had an injection called Propofol to make me really sleepy.


While I was sleepy and dreaming about chasing squirrels, they put a tube in my windpipe. This tube kept my lungs free of water and debis from my mouth while my teeth were cleaned. It also helped the nice technician give me big breaths so I had enough oxygen while I was asleep.


Once I had my tube in place, the doctor and technician connected it to the anesthesia machine so with every breath, Sevofluorane (the same gas anesthetic they use in children) went into my lungs to keep me asleep. I slept through the whole thing, so I wasn’t nervous at all! Then they connected the fluid pump to my catheter to keep me hydrated and help my kidneys and liver to process the anesthetic drugs.


While I was sleeping, I was covered in a warm air blanket, laid on a warm water circulating heating pad and had my fluids warmed to keep my temperature regulated (I can’t do that very well myself while I am under anesthesia).


I also had a soft clip on my tongue to monitor the amount of oxygen in my tissues.


The nice doctor and technician charted and made notes about each of my teeth to make sure that there were no problems. The photo below shows a periodontal probe that helps the doctor to measure the pocket below my gumline to make sure it is normal. She also checked for fractures and infection since I can’t tell anyone about those!


I had a tooth the doctor was worried about, so they took xrays to look at the tooth root and bone beneath my gums. It’s a good thing they did, because I had an abscessed molar my mom didn’t even know about. Thank goodness the doctor fixed that tooth to help me feel better.


The whole time I was asleep a dental technician and my doctor used a special machine to make sure I was safe. It continuously checked my heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, percentage of oxygen in my tissues, the electrical rhythm through my heart (ekg) and my carbon dioxide levels.


The dental technician hand scaled my teeth (removed the big yucky chunks of tartar that looked bad and made my breath stink!)


Then it was time to use an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar composed of bacteria. Tartar and plaque can affect my heart, kidneys, liver and other organs if it stays on my teeth.


After cleaning my teeth thoroughly, my dental technician polished them to smooth the enamel so bacteria does not settle into the grooves – they felt so smooth and clean afterward!


Last, I had Oravet, a dental sealant, placed on my teeth and under my gumline to slow the plaque bacteria from accumulating on my teeth again. It lasts for 2 weeks, then my mom and dad will apply it every week at home!


The evening of my dental cleaning I was a little sleepy, but the next morning when I woke up I felt great! No more of that yucky tartar for me!
I can’t wait to kiss mom and dad now that my breath is so much better!!


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