Carolinas Animal Hospital

We are pleased to not only offer laser surgery at our hospital, but we have mandated that laser surgery will be the standard of care at
The Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic.

The main advantages of laser surgery vs. traditional surgery include:

1) LESS PAIN: The laser seals the nerve endings and your pet will feel less pain post-operatively. This often results in a quicker recovery for your pet.

2) LESS BLEEDING: The laser seals small blood vessels, which also allows for extraordinary precision and often shortens anesthesia and surgery time.

3) LESS SWELLING: Laser energy does not crush, tear or bruise because only a beam of intense light contacts the tissue.

All of these benefits provide for a reduced risk of infection, a more precise surgical procedure (less damage to healthy tissue) and a quicker return to normal activities.

Please ask any of our doctors or other staff members about the benefits of laser surgery – we are happy to answer any of your questions. You and your pet will be pleased with this “cutting edge” technology.





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