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Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

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animal-img-babiesIn today’s world, most pet owners think of their pet as a part of the family. Yes, there are people that still think their pet is just an animal (sad but true) but this article is intended for owners that want to take the best care of their pet. With that said, even considering all of the responsible pet owners some are on a fixed budget and do not have extra money for pet bills. Luckily, pet insurance can help ease the burden. The following information is intended to answer the question “Should I Buy Pet Insurance?”

Pet insurance, just like human health insurance, has premiums, deductibles, and sometimes exclusions. It is crucial that you read the fine print to make sure you are going to benefit from purchasing the insurance for your pet. The following are a few of the most recognized pet insurance providers.

What Pet Insurance Providers Offer

The offerings are all over the place and so are the fees. Most providers cover exams, lab tests, prescriptions, wellness checks, and x-rays all the way to the worse case scenarios like hospital stays, chronic health issues, surgeries, hereditary conditions (no waiting period), and more.

The monthly pricing varies widely for each provider. For an accurate quote you should go directly to the provider’s website and enter your pet’s information and location.

Things To Consider

You must rigorously dissect each pet insurance providers plan. If you do not you could be stuck with a plan that you may loose money on or may not be the best for your situation and pet. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for pet insurance:

1.     Certain breeds like pit bulls may be excluded from insurance providers.

2.     Pets over a certain age may be denied coverage.

3.     A lot of plans may reimburse you after you pay the full amount to the vet or hospital. This may not be a good fit to someone on an extremely tight budget.

4.     The breed or type of pet you pick may affect your monthly payment. If you have not purchased or adopted a pet yet and are budget conscious you can research and compare prices before you choose a pet.

cat-vetShould You Purchase Pet Insurance?

At some point in your pet’s life they will more than likely need advanced vet care. The facts are that most cat and dog breeds are predisposed to genetic health issues. Also, take in consideration the exams, prescription for minor health issues, and other costs that can add up fast. If you do the research and calculate the costs it may be in your best interest to purchase some type of pet insurance. If you do not have thousands of dollars to come up with more extensive coverage may benefit you.

If you decide to purchase pet insurance make sure you read all of the fine print and that your breeds hereditary issues are covered as well. And as always, we are more than willing to speak with you.




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