Jun 29

7 Dog Grooming Hacks That Will Make You and Your Pup Much Happier

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Dog grooming is a necessity that most dogs just don’t enjoy. They think they smell just fine! Sure, the brushing feels nice, but the bath? The nail trims? What if they get an ear infection from water getting stuck in their ears? Don’t sweat it. With these dog grooming hacks, the whole... Read More >
Dec 16

Dog and Cat Allergic Reactions: Pet First Aid

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Dog and cat allergic reactions vary from common and mild to rare and emergent. First aid for a dog or cat can be an important thing to be familiar with because of the wide range of allergens and possible reactions in our typical environments. Let’s start by looking at some of the most common... Read More >
May 25

Allergies Affect Dogs and Cats Too!

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Allergies affect dogs and cats too! Itchy skin, gunky ears, and what is that smell?! Allergies and sensitivities are common problems for pets, often resulting in very itchy skin, inflamed ears, and yeast overgrowth or bacterial infections. These are unpleasant to deal with for both pet and owner.... Read More >