Jul 04

Dogs Can Die in Hot Cars in Just Minutes

Dogs in hot cars can die. Most people know that. What many don’t seem to realize is that cars don’t only get hot on hot days or how fast it happens. A comfortable 75° degree day with a breeze will still result in a dangerously hot car interior within minutes. Not hours.... Read More >
Jul 01

Heat Stroke

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Heat Stroke - What You Need to Know I met Max, a happy English bulldog, when I was in vet school at Penn.  Like many dogs of his breed, he had a little extra “insulation” due to a fondness for treats and big brown eyes that were hard to say no to.  Max was a typical couch potato dog who was... Read More >
Dec 14

Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

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The holidays are a fun time to be with friends, family, and your pets. We make tasty treats, decorate our house with beautiful things, and stay really busy. It's easy to let your guard down especially regarding the safety of your pets. Here are some great tips to keep your pets safe during the... Read More >
Sep 25

Fall Safety Hazards for your Pets

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Fall is an enjoyable time for humans and animals alike. There are less insects and the weather is much cooler for most in the United States. If you have children, you will be getting them settled back in school. A lot of distractions can lead to letting your guard down. Here are a few hazards to... Read More >