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Terry Schultz
My experience at Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental has been very good. I came here with a kitten that had a horrible accident…..a broken jaw!!! I was upset and worried, but was feeling better after I left. The staff is very professional and the care is excellent. I got follow up phone calls to let me know his progress, without my having to call them first, and the surgery went very well. I know it was a difficult surgery, so I was so pleased to see the great results. We are a rescue facility, but we are treated with the same respect as any client. The oral surgeons here are top notch and I look forward to using them in the future……….hope it is for something like a dental cleaning next time!


Maureen Drews
I have been using the Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic since moving to Charlotte almost 14yrs ago. This was before they were in their current office. I have always been impressed with the quality of care my pets have received, & the amount of care & concern shown to me as the pet parent. I’ve always been impressed when the vet himself would call me with information/updates concerning my pet. (A medical dr. doesn’t even do that). I’ve always been able to make appointments in short time, & receive lab results quickly. The receptionists are awesome. They always have a warm welcome for me & my pets. Their equipment is state-of-the-art, & the vets are up-to-date on the latest treatment methods. The staff receives regular training & in-services to keep them knowledgeable as well. The only negative is that they are pricey, & that may limit the amount of care someone may be able to give their pet. But I still praise & highly recommend The Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic.


Adam Cummings
I was looking for a good vet close to where I live because my last vet was horrible and pretty far away. I am so lucky to have found the Carolina’s Animal Hospital. I called them and was able to make an appointment that day. When I got there the receptionists were so nice and obviously loved animals. They came around to greet my dog and showed so much compassion, it was a great start. We didn’t have to wait long before we were attended to. Dr. Gleason was incredible. She was very attentive and answered all of my questions. My puppy seems to have an allergy to which my first vet just prescribed medication. Dr Gleason actually took the time to address the underlying issue instead, which made me feel much better about the situation. The whole place just seems so comforting and nice, and yet professional and state-of-the-art. I was looking for a good vet and instead found an amazing one.


Sarah Smith
My cat, Sofia, has a medical condition that requires her to have all of her teeth removed surgically. I found the Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic after my vet recommended that I check it out to find out what was wrong with Sofia’s teeth. The clinic is great. I was helped quickly, they were very knowledgeable and understanding. I have been very pleased with the results of Sofia’s surgery.

Before her surgery, she was skiddish and enjoyed being pet to some degree, but not as much as our other cat. After the surgery, she has been pain free and loves cuddling! It kills me that she was in so much pain prior to surgery…so much so that it affected her personality. Sofia came out of surgery a completely different cat and the transition for her was easy. It was worth every single penny, and I can’t recommend anyone more than the Carolinas Animal Hospital.


Lynette Seitz
The Carolinas Animal Hospital was gracious enough to see my kitty-girl at the very end of the day before closing up shop. Then they stayed late to finish the job! Their dedication and kindness is apparent! I highly recommend them!


Loretta C
I rarely write a review but I wanted to take a moment to say how wonderful Dr. Olson and the staff of The Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic are. I recently got a new puppy who became very sick they immediately got me and my puppy in for an appointment where we met Dr. Olson. I was very scared but Dr. Olson and the staff were so great in taking care of my new baby even going above and beyond by asking for email updates at night and first thing in the mornings. It really made me feel like they cared and understood how scared and concerned I was. Thankfully, my puppy is now a healthy playful little girl and I owe it all to Dr. Olson and the staff. If you are looking for a hospital for your pet I couldn’t recommend any place better than The Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic.


9 months ago
We have been a loyal patient for over 10 years. Just like humans, dogs need dental care. Dr. Queck is very experienced and knowledgeable. She is the expert! All of our three dogs have good looking teeth and healthy living because of her. One dog had front teeth broken off (while playing outside) and Dr. Queck fixed it nicely.
Staff are super friendly, too. You can get a coffee or tea while you wait and they have many choices of flavor.


Ann Davis
Our German Shepherd has an underdeveloped lower jaw. This required that the two lower canine teeth be shortened so they wouldn’t puncture her pallet. She received two titanium crowns over a year ago. She also fractured another tooth later from chewing something she shouldn’t and again, another titanium crown. Now she chews balls, Kongs, wood (sticks), and even picked up a rock the other day! The teeth are perfect–she has a strong bite with no problems. It appears that titanium is the answer for teeth you want to save.


R Grace
I had been going to a vet for years without issue but after my cat was diagnosed with diabetes, I realized my vet was not informed about this disease. I read numerous reviews on area vets but found the most positive ones on Carolinas Animal Hospital. After my first visit, I now understand why. The first thing I noticed was that there was no smell. Then, when we were taken to the room they dedicate solely to cats, I learned they use Feliway to suffuse the air and spray calming meds on the table to set the cat at ease. Additionally, my cat was never yanked from her cat carrier as they did at my old vet. Rather, the woman who brought us in merely opened the door of the cat carrier to let my cat get used to her surroundings and then – only once everything had been set up (they don’t take the cat out of the room until they’re ready to immediately test) – the tech brought her back to the lab in the carrier. In there, he told me his method is to take the top off the carrier to let her look around and then, when they had to take blood, wrap her in a towel so she could feel secure. Whereas she screamed and growled at my old vet’s when being tested, she never made a sound here. While I was waiting, I noticed literature and posters on the wall geared solely to cats. I especially liked the one giving tips to make your cat’s vet visits more pleasant. I didn’t have to wait long for the test results since they have a lab on site and I fully trust the results since they are AAHA accredited (one of the few that is; they have to go through hundreds of tests to get this accreditation). They also have Sat hours which helps with my schedule and they gave me referrals for boarding and petsitters who specifically deal with diabetic cats. At the end of my visit, Dr. ManWarren not only gave me the number of the nearest animal hospital, in case of emergency, but also wrote down her cell number. I read one review where the pet owner said he wished he was treated as well in his doctor visits as his pet is at Carolinas Animal Hospital. I must say – I totally agree. I’ll never go anywhere else and now recommend this place to all of my friends, including those who don’t yet have a pet!


Sarah Sloan
Dr. Olsen was VERY careful with my dog Sadie! I’m so happy I came and look forward to working with her! The entire staff was wonderful! Thank you so much!


Kristen Bryant
My cat became ill, and rather than take him to his usual vet (who I hadn’t been happy with) I did a Google search and found CAH. Unfortunately we discovered that, by the time he had started showing symptoms, he was very seriously ill, and I made the decision to put him down. The staff and Dr. Chambers were wonderful and supportive. I especially appreciated the fact they didn’t try to push me to have extra testing done, etc. when it was painfully clear by the x-rays alone that my kitty was already too far gone. They were very gentle with him and allowed me to have plenty of time for final goodbyes. If I get another pet I will definitely bring them here because, even though my one visit to them was a sad one, I was very impressed with their professionalism and compassion.


Julia Gorman
Our experience with The Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic P.A. was great from beginning to end. We were very pleased with the excellent care our Whippet dog “Robin” received. We can’t say enough about the warmth, friendliness and professionalism of the entire office staff. We plan on returning for all our future dental care with Robin, as well as the new puppy dog we will have next year.


Mike Collins
Dr Chambers and his team are true professionals from the facility itself to the care and love they displayed for my dog. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with big smiles and a very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a vet clinic to care for your animal.


Chelsea Rath
Upon walking in, we are always greeted with a warm welcome- and the ladies in the front all know my puppy, Bear, by name! Being a new mommy I have had plenty of questions about my puppy as well as a few scares. Dr. Chambers is ALWAYS happy to answer questions as well as give a direct number to contact him in case of emergency questions. After your problems have been solved, I always expect a follow up phone call the next day or two later to check and see if the problem has progressed or if I have anymore questions!


Anita Brandt
Dr Gleason and the staff were amazing yesterday!!! We came in for an initial consult last week and scheduled surgery for yesterday. The staff was courteous, compassionate, timely, and very knowledgeable at both appointments. Dr Gleason recognized me immediately. I had brought my tripod, Hoppy, in for a root canal after a broken tooth in 2009. She knew that I had two special needs dogs because during Hoppy’s appointment she and I discussed my epileptic’s nutrition briefly. After Kati’s appointment, Dr Gleason was eager to find out how Hoppy was doing. So when she checked him out she discovered his composite had fallen off. Thank God I brought Hoppy ( : (I was told to feed them raw bones by another vet… never will they see another raw bone again…lol)
Kati had a slab fracture on a bottom molar tooth and required extraction.
As you can imagine, I was very nervous. Kati is a clustering canine epi taking lots of different meds (anti-epilepsy and thyroid) Dr Gleason contacted Kati’s neurologist before the surgery to confirm correct anesthesia and pain/inflam control. She also contacted my regular vet to confirm blood/health record. Her diligence and carefulness was very reassuring to me. Upon arrival of the surgery I had both special needs dogs ready for their procedures and the staff let me stay with them all the way up until the time for the procedure and even while they were waking up. They brought them back for prep and let us take them to use the bathroom as they needed and let me lie down in the room with them on their bed to keep them relaxed. Dr Gleason kept a continuous watchful eye during the pre-anesthesia and post anesthesia. Even calmed me down at 1 pt when I was extremely anxious about Kati. The staff offered drinks to me and my mother the whole time we were there. We left for lunch during Kati’s procedure and came back with confidence that Kati and Hoppy were under the best of care. Today, Kati and Hoppy are recovering very nicely- Kati is a little swollen after having to have a bone graft and laser surgery; but knock on wood– no seizures, eating and drinking well. We all feel good knowing we did the best thing for the two sweetest dogs in the world ( : Cant wait to see them in two weeks for a follow up.


Cindy Woods
My dog was diagnosed with CUPS and he was lethargic and miserable. I was referred to The Carolinas Animal Hospital because they are board certified dental experts. They have been very professional and easy to deal with. My dog is back to acting like himself again! I really appreciate all they have done and are doing to keep him feeling so good!


Adrian Stiefel
I took my dog to The Carolinas Animal Hospital for a well visit for the first time. The staff was friendly and the facilities clean, with free WiFi, coffee and water.
The veterinary assistant explained what they normally do for the yearly checkup and which vaccinations where due. The Doctor came in and explained further steps to me, so all information was given.
My dog, although normally skittish, was at ease and seemed happy to be there.

I can recommend The Carolinas Animal Hospital.


Cooper F
While out of town, my dog had one of her canine teeth knocked half-out by a horse. None of the emergency vets in the area could give any guarantee of a successful extraction, so we opted for antibiotics and pain medicine until we could get to The Carolina’s Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic.

They accepted us early Monday morning as a walk-in, and Dr. Gleason ensured me she could take care of the tooth, clearing a spot to do the extraction that day. I was nursing my pup back at home that afternoon!

I couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating and friendly staff. They really want you to be comfortable and at ease that your pet is being well taken care of. I almost forgot to mention all the high-tech gear! Digital X-rays, safe anesthesia, K-lasers to help healing, and large surgical tables so all breeds are comfy.

If your pet needs anything, a check-up, new medicine, vaccines, or surgery. Call this place first!


Trey Horack
As always, the doctors and staff here give the upmost attention to Flash. The doctors always take the time to explain their treatments, recommendations and call a day or two later to follow up. My dog actually loves going to the vet! Thanks again everyone.


Jeff Drake
2 years ago
The doctors and the staff here are second to none. Everyone is friendly and the vets and technicians explain everything clearly. We we kept fully informed throughout the procedures we had done and you can tell that they really care about every animal that comes in here.


Online Reviewer
Carolinas Animal Hosp is a wonderful office. Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. Dr Gleason is by far the best doctor I’ve ever taken any of my pets to, she’s been taking care of them for years. She always answers all my questions thoroughly, and very patiently!! She treats my babies as if they were her own, and she literally saved my cat’s life. I am forever grateful to her. I highly recommend Dr Gleason, and Carolinas Animal Hospital!! Thanks for all you do for us Dr. Gleason! Amber, Savannah & Bailey Granola 🙂


Online Reviewer
I wish I got half as much attention and serivce when I went to the doctor as my cat does when she visits Carolina Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. Dr. Gleason is amazing. She is so thorough, takes time to explain everything and you never feel like she is rushed. She spends time going over every detail of what serivces she has provided and give you pictures and an explaination that the every day person can understand. She truly cares about your pet and it shows! The entire staff is nice and inviting. The office is clean and neat and you never have a long wait with an appointment. I pass several other animal hospitals on the way there but choose to drive the extra few miles to receive exceptional service!


Online Reviewer
Dr Gleason and the staff at Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic are the best. They took exceptional care of our pet and I feel went above and beyond the call of duty. Dr Gleason had to fix our dogs fractured jaw, she explained everything she was going to do and with the follow-up visits she treated us like we were family. She gave me her email address in case I had any concerns after hours, a couple times I did email her and she got right back to me. You can see in all her words and actions how much she loves and cares about your pet and you! I would recommend them to everyone I know. You and your pet will be in great hands at Carolinas Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic. I couldn’t thank them enough for all the tender loving care they gave our Peanut!


Online Reviewer
Dr. Gleason explained everything very thoroughly. Very friendly staff and would highlly recommend them.


jaraklein 04/27/2014
Dr. Queck did an amazing job fixing our Golden Retriever puppy’s jaw. She and her staff kept us informed and the staff were alway kind and patient when I asked questions. Dr. Queck and her staff were there for us and our puppy thru the whole experience. I will recommend her to any pet owner that needs dental procedures.


Willette M. 03/26/2014

I have known Dr. Queck for 24 yrs. She has an excellent clinic. Have had 2 dogs and they have always gotten excellent care at her clinic from all the staff. I’ve recommended Carolinas Animal Hospital to several people.


brian.pietroski 03/23/2014

Very friendly staff made me feel welcome! Dr. Queck made me feel at ease relative to my cats surgery. I would recommend them to anyone who has an animal. Its worth the drive for those who live far away!


Paula K. 03/10/2014

EXCELLENT VETS!!!! We have had the most wonderful experiences with Dr. Chambers and everyone at Carolinas Animal Hospital. Dr. Chambers was our vet for our first canine kid, Heather. When we got Abby, we knew this was where we would take her. Dr. Chambers is an incredible vet!! I highly recommend this animal clinic and hospital!!!!


Alisha.Jayne.Oliver 08/12/2013
Friendly staff

Staff are very helpful and take time to explain everything.


anita.brandt. 73108/06/2013
Excellent Care

In 2009, I had to take my Tripod to have a root canal done and found Dr Gleason to be a very compassionate and very knowledgeable re up to date medical care. At that time, I only needed care for Hoppy. The end of July 2013, I realized Kati, my clustering epileptic MDR1 collie had a slab fracture of a molar that included 2 roots. Dr Gleason explained that this would not be a simple extraction and Kati would have t… view more


ka1963 01/02/2013
I am so pleased with the level…

I am so pleased with the level of service my Sammy received from Dr. Chambers and his staff. My original vet who has been taking care of Sam since he was a baby had left to pursue his own practice and now is too far away from our home. I felt since he was no longer there it was time to find a vet closer to my home. I called Carolinas Animal Hospital and we felt right at home immediately upon arrival for his first v… view more


vegacs 10/01/2012
Carolina’s animal hospital

This is our first dog and after searching online for hours trying to find a vet we choose Carolina’s animal hospital because they had amazing reviews! Everyone is very helpful. We took our dog in for a check up and found the service to be outstanding! We will certainly continue to bring our dog to Carolina’s animal hospital for future visits!


Maureen Drews
I would like to compliment everyone from the front desk, to the vet techs, to the doctors for their fine work & well-run office. I look forward to my visits there because it’s like visiting family/friends. And because of the superb treatment I know my pets receive while in your care.