Jul 31

Toby Montgomery

January 1998 – August 2010

Toby came to live with us when he was seven years old. His former owners had adopted him from a Florida race track and no longer wanted him. We will never understand why as Toby was a sweetheart. He loved when it was dog bed wash day and would wait as we put each bed back together. He had to be the FIRST dog to lay on each bed. He would jump up and move from bed to bed until ALL were Toby-tested. Toby was our lazy greyhound and would sleep about 20 hours a day. As is the normal progression his body got old and could no longer do what he wanted it to do.

We miss you Toby (the Tob-miester) and will always remember and love you. Tell the others at the bridge hello and we will see you all again when it is time.

Lynda & Rick Montgomery
& the rest of the gang

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